Chino Antrax Dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

I was sent a confirmation that José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa aka Chino Antrax is dead and posted it is comments.  My source has never let me down.  Chino was identified via fotos and final confirmation is pending subsequent to another identification process.
I have received a second confirmation.
He was killed along with his sister, Ada Jimena Aréchiga Gamboa and brother-in-law, Juan Garcia.  The three were abducted while at the sisters house on Friday night in a fierce gunfire attack.
The bodies were discovered inside the sister’s BMW SUV wrapped and bounded.
The bodies were taken to SEMEFO for autopsies.  SEMEFO is heavily guarded by elements of the Mexican Navy and National guard.

Chino skipped out on supervised release last week only two weeks after being released from prison. At his residence he was gone, his personal belongings gone, only his cell phone was left behind. Below is an image of  the home where the three were abducted, reportedly owned by Chino’s sister.