Celaya Guanajuato: Cartulinas, head and body parts found in hood and trunk

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat SoldeBajio

Residents of the Parque del Cimatario street of the Hacienda Natura neighborhood found a human head and dismembered body parts wrapped in a black bag.
After 10:30 p.m., residents of the area reported to 911 the discovery of human remains, the head above the hood of a dark-colored vehicle and underneath is a cartulina used by organized crime to send messages. There was a second message left at the scene allegedly from CSRL (Marro).

Manta reads as follows: Here lies the man who escaped you guys on the day of the explosions near the communal ranches. I’ve disposed of your bitch ass trash here for you Jalisca pieces of shit. Guanajuato belongs to Guanajuato. – Sol Prendido 

According to residents of the area, the torso and the remainder of the body were found in the trunk of the motor vehicle among the black bags.
The area was cordoned off by the Municipal Police so that experts and the Criminal Investigation Agency will raise indications to find the whereabouts of the criminals.