Caborca Sonora: Refrigerated Truck with dead narcos from Friday’s clash, left by narcos at Funeral Home?

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The reports were flooding social media yesterday, and BB itself received emails and comments throughout the day about a refrigerated truck being left in Caborca containing “16 bodies”.  The bodies were said to be those from Caborca’s Friday deadly clash.  There were 10 to 12 bodies were dumped on a highway, but these were supposedly in addition to those bodies.
On Friday, from around 7pm the first detonations were reported heard.  Countless emergency calls for help were registered.  Fires, detonations, kidnappings, killings for 3 hours, and help never arrived from any police or emergency agency. Read my earlier report here.
The story about the refrigerated trailer seemed questionable and unsensible.     I could not locate anything published about the story in mainstream media, just small publications I had never heard of and social media. I was able to locate a story yesterday evening, and it reported the truck contained the bodies dumped on the highway.

The National Guard is guarding the truck, which is parked on the side of a funeral parlor.  Not an OXXO as social media reported.  There is an OXXO in the same strip mall, which may have led to the confusion.  The Carrillo funeral parlor, parking areas and an OXXO are close together on the street.
Today through a text, the attorney general stated that the truck contains 10 bodies that were discovered on the Caborca Highway, that they were bullet-ridden and had signs of torture.  The National Guard is guarding the truck until forensics and identification can be completed.  The funeral parlor is at its capacity.
“The refrigerated trailer at a local funeral parlor, (is there) in order to provide services in optimal refrigeration conditions, a container trailer was set up next to the establishment. The National Guard provides security conditions, based on the fact that these bodies correspond to legal cases of the investigation by the Prosecutors’ offices,” the statement reads.
Last Saturday, June 20, the State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the finding of 10 bodies tied with hands and with firearm injuries, at kilometer 115 of the Caborca-Sonoyta highway.
The media and authorities also report that Caborca area funeral parlors, and Semefo facilities are at or near capacity because of the uptick in violence and Covid-19.  Using refrigeration trucks is a common practice seen throughout Mexico at times and in areas hit by violence, natural disaster or other emergencies.

There have been events where refrigeration trucks are unavailable to authorities and bodies at times are left outside overcrowded facilities on concrete patio structures as happened in Guerrero and other states with great violence.
Realizing that historically the government is an entity that uses or ignores actual fact for convenience, it still remains that cartels are not groups that would care about refrigeration to dump bodies.  Therefore the facts allow the conclusion that in this occurrence the government is most likely being truthful with respect to the bodies in the refrigerated truck at Carrillo Funeral home. 
Three years ago this truck contained bodies because of overcrowding in Guerrero, citizens reported seeing blood coming from inside the trailer and out the doors.  It was not refrigerated.