“Cabo 38” Killed, CJNG Leader in Tijuana and Ensenada

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          “Cabo 33” leader of the CJNG in Tijuana-Ensenada killed in Hipódromo neighborhood

On Alba Roja Street of Colonia Hipodromo Dos , in the La Mesa delegation, in  front of Plaza Heliot, in Tijuana, Baja Ca Mario Delval Barocio , “Cabo 33”, was shot, the man was found lying face up, in the area of ​​the small parking lot , the shooting was reported at 8:13 p.m. on Saturday , July 18, 2020.
When paramedics arrived they reported that the man with two gunshot wounds to the chest, one to the back, one to the stomach, and one more to the arm, he no longer had vital signs.
At the scene of the crime a woman arrived – she was notified by phone of the attack -, the victim’s family member, who identified Delval, told them that he was 33 years old , that his family was from Sinaloa, but he had been born in Tijuana and was car dealer.
The murderers left no ballistic evidence at the scene, but they were videotaped, however, until the early hours of Sunday, July 19, the corporations had not reported any detainees. But hitmen from the Sinaloa cartel have been trying to kill him since 2018.
Mario Deval Barocio alias “Cabo 33”, “Tony” and “Mariola” is identified by the corporations integrated into the State Coordination Tables for Peace and Security in Baja California, as one of the cell leaders of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ie CJNG, with criminal operations in Tijuana and Ensenada, who since 2018 has faced in a public a bloody battle against the hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel.
Intelligence reports indicate that Delval had three addresses in Tijuana, one on Todos Santos Street in Caminos Verde, another on Parque Street in Jardines de Agua Caliente, and the third on Los Halcones Street in Cañadas de El Florido. In addition, they had checked out four different cars, supposedly belonging to him.
He was arrested in 2015 in the company of his brother Raymundo and two other men in the Third Tramo of the Tijuana River for the crime of drug dealing, and as a suspect of homicide , but was released. His identity was made public in March 2018 . From then on, the coordinated forces placed him as the head of a criminal cell responsible for ” managing drug outlets and recruiting or murdering the competition, whom they knew because they had previously trafficked with them. “
Backround ( most of which we have covered here on BB, check Archives); 
First narco message:
March 2018,  a group of assassins who called themselves CJNG “Commando la Mancha”, sentenced and murdered a group of drug sellers of the Sinaloa cartel in the La Presa delegation, and the Guaycura subdivision , the murders followed a  with narcomanta that they hung up on March 1, where they put up a list with names and nicknames of men and women who were going to be killed for selling drugs for the brothers René and Alfonso Arzate García “Los Aquiles”.
The Sinaloans’ response was another Narco Manta on March 4, 2018:
“(Mario Delval Alvarez) alias el Toni chaparrito  “CTNG” Rubén Manuel Ríos  Hernández alias el niño “CTNG” esto también es para la bola de mugrosos del “CTNG” esto es para que sepan que estos dos delincuentes se encargaron de matar a gente inocente como la masacre de El Florido en las maquinitas a niños y mucha gente inocente más, de la cual todos nos emos dado cuenta no saben trabajar pinche bola de mugrosos que quieren venir a controlar esta ciudad cobrando plaza a gente que tienen sus negocios y poniendo a gente a vender drogas a la fuerza amenazando a sus familias.. valen verga culeros son una bola de corrientes que se van a morir como toda esa gente traicionera y siguen ustedes 2 par de lacras para que se mueran les falta poco pinches culones y también ba para policías municipales de la delegación los Pinos.. Presa… Presa rural… que se le está pegando lo corriente por andar entregando a la gente al “CTNG” ya los tenemos ubicados perros atte CDS atteLuis Alberto García Meza alias “El Guicho”.
“Mario Delval Alvarez aka “Toni Chapparito” of CTNG and Rubén Manuel Ríos Hernández aka “El Nińo” of CTNG ” this is also for the filthy ball of “CTNG ” this is so they know that these two criminals were in charge of killing innocent people as the El Florido massacre in with the little machines with children and many more innocent people, of which all of us have realized they do not know how to work, you bloody bastards who want to come to control this city charging people who have their businesses and putting people to sell drugs by force and threatening their families .. they are worth cock those fuckers are a ball of currents that are going to die like all those other treacherous people and you follow 2 pair of bastards so that they die they lack little fucking assholes and also go for the  municipal police delegation in Los Pinos .. Dam … Rural Dam …  they are gunning with the current  to go delivering people to the “CTNG” and now we have located you dogs 
— atte CDS : atte Luis Alberto García alias Meza “The Guicho “.
They referred to the shooting of January 22 2018, which result or with 3 dead and 8 injured including several minors , which was carried out by four men wearing hoods with long and short arms, who entered a rooming house on Main Street in El Florido, where there was a space for slot machines and were gathered 12 people . They arrived asking for “La Bibi” a 22-year-old pregnant woman, they shot her and then shot at the others.
Two men were arrested for these events and one of them assured that the execution had been ordered by ” El Ramsés”, a trafficker from the Sinaloa Cartel.
Los Uriartes tried to kill Delval in 2019:
On the morning of January 5, 2019, José Luis Mora Zamora “Cabo 23” and  his wife Gina Leen Araceli Romero Ruvalcab were riddled with an AR-15 rifle in front of the El Güero seafood stall in Paseo Playas, Costa Hermosa Section from the Playas de Tijuana delegation.
Since September 2013, the trafficker had an arrest warrant in the United States, before committing a crime for those in Jalisco, Mora Zamora had transferred drugs with Raydel López Uriarte “El Muletas”, – arrested in 2010 – when he had already left the Cartel Arellano Félix, (CAF) and sold drugs from the people of Sinaloa.
According to what was reported by relatives of “Cabo 23”, days before he was assassinated, Luis Alberto López Uriarte, “El Pájaro”, the brother of “Muletas” , had contacted him to try to recruit him back to Sinaloa, and to deliver Mario Delval Barocio “El Cabo 33” because they wanted to kill him , but he refused.
December 2019:
Under the command of Manuel Morales “El Gallero”, who had Edgar Herrera “El Caimán” as head of assassins , the CJNG in Tijuana, the “Los Cabos” cartel leaders began to divide.
Morales was drugged, distrusted its operators, threatened and killed, so many decided to leave to those of Jalisco, some tried to smuggle as independents , and some of them  joined with Paul Edwin Huerta Nuño ,”The Flaquito” and Roque Garcia , the remnants of the Arellano Félix Cartel, CAF.
Mario Deval Barocio “Cabo 33 ” stayed with the CJNG and the enemies who knew his modus operandi grew.
On December 16 in the Colonia Presidentes , inside a small ice chest was left his head severed from a man, accompanied by a card with the message: ” “ASÍ quEDARA LA gENTE qUE SigA TRABAJANDO CON LA LAKRA DEL MARiOLAS (CABO 33) Y CON SU gATO ENRiqUE ÁLVARO ATiLANO HERNÁNDEZ ALIAS EL (SHALE) qUE EXTORSiONAN Y DE LOS NIÑOS qUEHAN MATADO, A. T. T. LA FAM
According to the authorities, at the time he was killed, Mario Delval Barocio working with Alfonso Trapero, and fighting with the CAF and two cells of the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Uriartes and Los Achilles.