Boxer Killed in Tijuana: José “Gallito” Quirino

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Boxer Brigeel José “Gallito” Quirino, 24, died outside the IMSS Clinic 36, after he was shot in the vicinity of the Las Torres neighborhood in Tijuana, on Thursday afternoon, September 3. 
The first data indicates that a former boxer was aboard a white Nissan Altima vehicle when he was shot and attacked by unknown persons.
Boxing is in mourning. The Tijuana boxer, José Briegel “Gallito” Quirino, lost his life when he was attacked with a firearm on Thursday afternoon.
Information obtained by ZETA indicates that the last fight of “Gallito” Quirino was registered in February 2019 at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium. He had a 20-3-3 record. His father was also a boxer. José Quirino had a record as a professional of 20 victories in the strings, of which nine were via chloroform; in addition to three losses and three draws.

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The police report indicates that around 2:45 p.m., the athlete received bullet wounds in the rib cage and died when being transferred in a private vehicle; those allegedly responsible fled the scene of the crime.
The boxer was the son of former World Boxing Organization (WBO) Super Flyweight champion, José “Gallo” Quirino.

The 25-year-old, considered a promise in the Mexican boxing world, was shot in the Las Torres neighborhood of the border city, according to El Imparcial .

“Gallito” made his professional boxing debut on July 21, 2012 with a victory. He won the 2015 International Youth Championship of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in the Super Flyweight category , which he successfully defended on one occasion.

The victim’s relatives transferred him aboard the same unit to the nearest clinic, located in the La Pechuga neighborhood, however, after not being the rightful title-holder, he was allegedly denied access, for which reason paramedics from the The Red Cross treated him at the scene, but he was declared dead shortly after 3:30 p.m.
( I can only interpret this to mean he was technically not in his own neighborhood’s IMSS clinic )
The former boxer’s vehicle had bullet holes in the passenger side glass, and in various parts of the body of the car. Nothing is known about the alleged perpetrators, nor the motive.
No attention was denied: IMSS
According to information provided by the IMSS, it states that “the health institution recognizes the obligation to provide service to all Qualified Urgencies regardless of whether the patient is a registered beneficiary or not; at no time was medical attention denied to those who requested it ”.
In an information statement, the institution indicates that at 2:53 p.m. on Thursday a vehicle arrived at the guardhouse of the parking lot of the Family Medical Unit number 36, which was escorted by a police patrol and from which a woman came to seek medical attention for an injured person.
“The guard on duty gave directions to the woman entering the medical care area entrance, since it is located at a considerable distance from the parking lot where she requested support.”
However, the statement clarifies that one of the police elements guarding the car reported that the victim had died, so they requested the presence of the State Attorney General’s Office.