3 bagged bodies discovered in the SUV belonging to Chino Antrax sister-authorities now confirm her death

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Report Finding Of 3 Bodies inside a BMW Suv belonging to the sister of Chino Antrax, Jimena Aréchiga Gamboa … 
At the entrance of El Ayune X EL Puente Del Río.  
There was speculation that she  was among the three dead.  
Police authorities have now confirmed her death. Reports say the bodies were that of 2 men and one female.
Reportedly, the three victims were abducted  by an armed command last night during a shooting that took place in Colonia Guadalupe Victoria where an armed group broke into the home to take several people, including the sister of Aréchiga Gamboa.
Aréchiga Gamboa, was released on supervised release on March 3, after serving an 87-month sentence in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, San Diego.  

He was discovered gone when his PO conducted a check at his residence.  A warrant is out for his arrest.

Speculation: that Chino Antrax is one of the three bodies discovered in the BMW  SUV owned by Chino’s sister.  It is rumored the other 2 are Chino and José Miguel.  Mexican Navy and National Guard are heavily guarding Semefo where bodies are for autopsy.  The government should dispel  the rumor if not true, because now some of the media are reporting his death.