2 and a half tons of marijuana discovered on the banks of the Culiacán River

Chivis Martinez   TY Borderland Beat  Follower via comments  Source

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Police from the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit, secured a total of 2,630 kilos of marijuana in 526 packages of five kilos each, which were abandoned on the banks of the Culiacán River.
The events occurred when preventive police officers were notified via radio about a report on the banks of the Culiacán River, right at the back of the Country Álamo Grande residential complex.
Upon arrival, they found a mound of brick-type packages, covered in transparent plastic and wrapped in tan adhesive tape, on the dirt road that is located on one side of the river banks, in the back of the aforementioned residential area, so who carried out an inspection of the place and verification of the packages, which contained green and dry grass, with the characteristics of the drug known as marijuana.
Therefore, they requested support for the transfer of said packages, it was moments after that more police arrived and the sum of 526 packages was collected, with an approximate weight of five kilos each, giving a total of 2,630 kilograms.
The packages were transferred to the corporation’s facilities.